Monday, August 15, 2011

Things that only an older brother can teach you...

Say you are an 11mo old girl and the youngest in a bustling house of awe and wonder.  You are fascinated with all of the wonderful living that happens around you and the loving persons you dwell with, but you don't quite know what kind of potential it has. 

Fear not!  Your older brother(2.5yo) is here to help you learn the ropes!

If you squeal with delight as he jumps on the couch when Mom leaves the room but you are frustrated that you can't climb up and join him, he will push the cushions off to facilitate your access to said trampoline and jump <gently> holding both your hands so you can get used to your new skill.

If the oldest brother is making cookies and "carelessly" leaves an unattended bowl full of luscious cookie dough, your 2yo brother will scale the step stool with lightning quick agility and grab a handful of dough for you so that you can savor all of the wonderful nuances of this new flavor of food.  But of course his plan is somewhat foiled when big brother returns to his post. 

But, that's ok! 
There is another wonderful skill that you can learn in this situation!! 

What a wonderful opportunity to teach you every evasion method he knows!  He will teach you to split the booty with him and  run in the opposite direction of him so that one of you will have a reasonable chance of getting away with your spoils that can be shared when the pursuit is over.  (Note:  You will be meeting under the dining room table.)  He will always be sure to warn you  that a pursuit is inevitable but you have a 50/50 chance of evading capture, if you are alert.

If you want to splash in water and it isn't bath time yet, once again...big brother to the rescue!  He will fill up a watering can and shower it in front of you where you stand and teach you to step in the puddle and leave wet footprints across the floor, and he will hold your hand so you don't fall.  You will feel safe and confident in his capable hands!

If he tries to explain the wonderful substance SNOW to you and you do not understand, he will be sure and SHOW you the best he can!  Dumping a whole big box of baking soda on the kitchen floor may just give him the desired effect he is looking for.  He will then lay down on the pile of whiteness and proceed to show you how to move your arms and legs back and forth so you can make your very own snow angel in summertime!  Just to make it easier on you, he will make sure you are both without clothing so that you can pretend to be Frosty the Snowman when you are finished and he will march with you and the broom over the newly vacuumed carpets across the whole length of the house.   Experiential hands-on learning at its best!

Your big brother loves you so much and wants you to love him back.  He will patiently take your hand and run it down his face from his hairline down to his chin saying patiently over and over "gently, gently"  And is very patient with you as you repeatedly smack him in the forehead yelling "ge, ge" and then he will watch you clap your hands in delight.  He is so happy that you are happy, even at his expense.   Don't worry, he will be patient and you will get the hang of it soon!

If you want the chance to learn the wonder of art expression, your brother will give you the brightest sharpie he can find and show you the wonder of creating large scale murals on the girls' bedroom wall.  Since he is a head taller than you, he can help boost you up so that you can create the  height you desire your mural to have.  The light pink color of the walls will show off your drawing beautifully and there is virtually no chance that it can be erased.  You can be certain that he will also show you how to color your body with the same sharpie and demonstrate how to effectively swirl the colored pen around and around on your belly button.   
Pure bliss! 

Your brother knows all of the best ways of discovering this fascinating world you have found yourself in.  There is no limit to his wonderful creativity so you can be encouraged that you will always have the best time while sharing his company.  Assuredly, he will share with you every tip and trick in his repertoire that will see you well through your third year of life.  

Ah, the joys of having a doting  big brother that truly loves you! 
How blessed you are, little one!


  1. Hey Becky,

    Thanks for the comment you left us over on Simply Livin'! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. :) Lena is our Icelandic pony and we have three half breed Icelandic's besides. The Icelandics are our favorite choice for the homestead pony, their temperament is that of a curious puppy. Then we have a paint mare (Missy) who is currently for sale and two other mares who will be soon. And, as though that isn't enough, ;) we have a team of mules which we are also looking to sell. They do some work and ridding, but just not enough to pay their keep when hay prices are so high.

    Anyway, hope that answers your question! heehe! :)

  2. OH.MY.GOSH.
    Can you teach me to enjoy all that instead of turning into a screamy-meamy? Not only is the little one blessed with such a generous big brother, she is extremely blessed to have a Mommy such as you!
    Thanks for sharing the link on MO - love the new blog!
    God Bless

  3. You could write the cutest book with this!! :) I have great visuals of baking soda snow, cookie dough escapes, and sofa trampolines. :) Loved it. Thanks, Donna!