Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Pursuit of Simple Dinners

It seems as time goes by that I get busier and busier and the days speed by faster and faster...
"How fast are they?" you say?

Weeeelll...I just finished drying that last dinner dish and it was time to make dinner again. (Yeah, it seems THAT fast) I vaguely remembered praying, sleeping, nursing, doing school, laundry and reading to the kids somewhere in between, but it is all sooo fuzzy...

I know for many, dinners are a special meal.
I am often tired when this hour arrives but I do recognize the fact that whatever efforts I extend towards my family are blessed and bear much fruit.  So, even if it has been along day, I try and find some little way to make my family feel special, especially when Daddy can be home to share the meal with us.

Simple, special, and nourishing....those three things I am always seeking.

Keeping this in mind, whenever I see a variation on simple ingredients that looks yummy, I just have to try it.  If  it is simple, I am usually able to pull it off and make it taste good even if I am distracted by all of my household's needs. 

Oh, like these wonderful dishes:

For our family dinner this past weekend, we enjoyed this savory Beer Chicken and these WONDERFUL potatoes.

... (don't even ask how much yummy garlic we used in all of those wonderful garlic holding potato slices)...let's just say we see garlic as its own food group here...

As I was saying...dinner was WONDERFUL.  We took about 3 large onions and sauteed them in butter until they were cooked waaaay down and mixed that yummy mixture with some cooked fresh carrots. 

It really didn't take any longer to make the meal that it ordinarily would, but it came out in a way that it looked like I took a lot of time fussing over it.

And while I am at it, if I take the time to have the table set nicely and maybe cut a lemon or lime in wedges to set by some iced tea or water with the meal, it is a little touch that seems to make a difference. 

Little things...done well...just a few thoughtful little things....

Family time is precious.  I want my family to enjoy meal time as a time of relaxation and happy moments.  It is a time where we take one step back from the world and its demands and enjoy the gift of each other. 
Why not fuss...just a little.


  1. You have a beautitul blog Donna Marie! I wish I would have found it sooner! I would like to pass the "Versatile Blogger Award" on to you. The details are here at my blog -

    Blessings to you!

  2. Donna, Just stumbled upon your blog from a forum regarding CCM (Classically Catholic Memory). You are an inspiration. I would like to contact you regarding CCM, I am in Jersey also and will be using it this year with a couple other families. I'd like to find someone who used it so I can bounce some things off. Please contact me if possible, I can't find any e-mail for you. God Bless You! Theresa

    if you can send me your e-mail address, I would love to ask a few questions from someone more experienced than I am please contact me using info at jmjhomeschoolgroup dot com